Bobbi Kristina Brown's family meets to examine taking her off life help

As Bobbi Kristina Brown stays in a medicinally incited trance like state, sources tell ET that her family is purportedly meeting today to choose whether or not she ought to stay in a coma. 

Bobbi Kristina's grandma Cissy Houston and her dad Bobby Brown have been keeping up a consistent vigil by her bedside, and as per sources, the family unequivocally has confidence in the force of supplication to God and none of them needs to take Bobbi Kristina off of a ventilator. 

A week ago, Bobby Brown's nephew Shayne told ET that Bobbi Kristina is "advancing." 

"She's improving," Shayne said. "We simply request individuals to keep on begging." 

Bobbi Kristina brown
Bobbi Kristina Brown (ABCNews)
Bobbi Kristina, 21, was found inert in her shower tub on Jan. 31, and was hurried to a doctor's facility in Rosewell, Ga. The hospitalization came days in front of the third commemoration of her mom Whitney Houston's demise. 

While the family keeps on holding out trust for Bobbi Kristina's recuperation, Dr. Julian Bragg, a neurologist at Midtown Neurology in Atlanta, who is not one of Bobbi Kristina's specialists, informs ET concerning what the Houston-Brown families could be confronting taking into account comparable cases. 

"The choices exhibited to the family as of right now are exceptionally troublesome," Dr. Julian Bragg told ET. "Individuals aren't ready to anticipate what's going to happen. The enormous choice is frequently between what sort of life the individual's going to have and to what extent they're going to have it. While extremely brave measures can be taken to keep a body alive, frequently its hard to choose if that life will be the sort that that individual would need to live." 

On the off chance that Bobbi Kristina were to recover cognizance, Dr. Bragg tells ET it could be a lengthy, difficult experience to recuperation. 

"In the wake of spending more than two weeks in a medicinally instigated unconsciousness, or for any reason, the body experiences various changes," Dr. Bragg says. "There is a noteworthy lessening in muscle quality both as far as moving the appendages and as far as relaxing. Frequently individuals oblige broad reinforcing not just in having the capacity to sit, stand and move around, yet significantly more straightforward things like gulping and relaxing." 

In the grievous occasion of her passing, sources tell ET that any administration for Bobbi Kristina would be held in Atlanta, where she grew up, yet that her body would be let go in New Jersey beside her cherished mother Whitney Houston.
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